Argonauts, BF circa 40-10


Sons of Ether, BF circa 70-40

Argonauts, current factionEdit

  • A public organization advocating the socially responsible use of technology. 
  • Strong proponents of the open source movement, advocating open access to technology and information.
  • Offer consultation services to political and economic powers throughout the solar system, but strictly refuse to be drawn into political affairs in any way.
  • Believe that providing equal access to transhumanity's knowledge and achievements will further transhuman growth and security, so that all of transhumanity is more prepared for future threats and challenges.

Sons of Ether, circa BF 70-40Edit

  • An interesting time for the Argonauts (some claim that this splinter of the faction, in fact, never existed), also occasionally known as the Electrodyne Engineers.
  • Believed that Armageddon was steadily approaching and used unsafe, previously untested and thought to be uncouth scientific methods in an attempt at preparation.
  • All but abandoned consultation with governments across the globe as well as the solar system

JASONs, old history circa CE 1960Edit

  • An advisory group consulting for the US government on matters of scientific and technological progress and its possible dangers. 
  •  First created as a way to get a younger generation of scientists involved in advising the government.